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100% of your company’s documentation.

“The acts and contracts granted or entered into by natural or legal persons, signed by means of electronic signature, will be valid in the same way and will produce the same effects as those entered into in writing and on paper. Said acts and contracts shall be deemed as written, in the cases in which the law requires that they be recorded in this way, and in all those cases in which the law provides legal consequences when they are also in writing.

The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not be applicable to acts or contracts granted or entered into in the following cases:

a) Those in which the law requires a solemnity that cannot be fulfilled by electronic document;
b) Those in which the law requires the personal concurrence of any of the parties, and
c) Those related to family law.

The electronic signature, whatever its nature, will be regarded as a handwritten signature for all legal purposes, without prejudice to the provisions of the following articles.

Article 4.- Electronic documents that have the quality of public instrument must be signed by means of an advanced electronic signature (Art. 3 and 4 Law 19,799).

Public instruments and private instruments may be signed and both will constitute full evidence in case of trial (Art. 5 law 19,799).

Here are some examples of documents that you can sign with Legale:

  • Authorizations
  • Powers
  • Declared jurisdictions
  • Purchase orders
  • Labor contracts
  • Leasing contracts
  • Labor annexes
  • Customer forms
  • Architecture plans
  • Electronic Insurance Policy
  • Commercial contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Agreements with suppliers
  • Subscription of minutes of. directory
  • Contract settlements
  • Labor settlements
  • Simple mandate.
  • Trade agreements
  • Contracts for the Purchase and Sale of financial instruments
  • Assignments of industrial property rights
  • Personal data processing authorizations
  • Distribution contracts
  • Franchises
  • Private documents

And many more.

  1. Pin Signature: Certified via PIN by email. With it you can sign Authorizations, Purchase Orders, Labor Contracts, among others. Three stars.
  2. Simple Signature: Certificate accredited by the Ministry of Economy. With it you can sign Commercial Contracts, Architecture Plans, Lease Contracts, Labor Settlements, among others. Four stars.
  3. Advanced Signature: Encrypted certification via token.With it you can sign Assignments of industrial property rights, Personal data processing authorizations, Distribution contracts, Franchises, among others. Five stars.
  4. Pin Mail Signature: Certified via PIN by e-mail, for counterparties without Legal notice. With it they can sign Authorizations, Purchase Orders, Labor Contracts, among others. Three stars.
  5. Simple Remote Signature: Double verification by e-mail and SMS, for counterparties without Legal notice. With it they can sign commercial contracts, architectural plans, leases, labor settlements, among others. Four stars.
  • Economic: the cost of an electronic signature is marginal, it does not exceed ¼ of a dollar on average.
  • More secure: It is safer, more secure and more difficult to forge than traditional signatures. Electronic signatures open the possibility of saving a strong chain of evidence for each signature.
  • Time savings: Your deadlines are reduced by eliminating the presence to sign agreements from the equation, because the entire process is digital.
  • Greater efficiency: Electronic document management is simpler and more fluid.
  • More ecological: We take the paper out of your processes.

The stars indicate the level of certification the firm has; with three stars the signature is certified through email, with 4 stars it is certified through text message to the cell phone, and with five stars it is certified through token or digital certificate.

Contract the annual plan for only $ 24,990 VAT included. The subscription allows you to use the platform to manage, sign and organize all your documentation, and free access to our store to buy the signatures, users and storage you need. The subscription also includes free 20 Pin signatures, 1 administrator user and 1 GB of cloud space to store your documentation (1000 documents approx).

Set of personal data or of the company that signs (name, RUT and address) whose purpose is to identify the person who signs as the author of it in a unique way. This signature is validated by a certifying body that is accredited by the Ministry of Economy. The advanced signature can be accredited by means of a digital certificate or token (device similar to a pendrive with encrypted information).

Check the list of accrediting agencies here:

Everyone can sign with Legale, whether you are a user or not.

As a Legale user, you can sign a signature with anyone, whether or not they have Legale, you just upload the file in PDF format and select from your contacts the user who will sign, using the following signatures according to the type of certification you want and whether they are Legale or not:

Signature Pin (email)

Simple Signature (sms)

Advanced Signature (digital certificate / Token)

If the user does not have Legale you can use our remote signatures:

Remote Signature Pin (email)

Simple Remote Signature (sms)

In the store are all our signatures, storage and additional users.

Signature Pin
Simple Signature
Advanced Signature
Pin Mail Signature
Simple Remote Signature
1GB cloud storage.

Your subscription includes a set of xxx signatures. If you need more signatures, go to the menu and click Store, you will be able to see the products you need, select them and place them in the shopping cart, the charge will be added to the credit card associated with your account.

The files are stored in PDF format in a cloud located on Legale’s servers.

Legale operates with servers of high technical and security standard, located in the United States and India. Both servers are backed up.

Legale does not require installation, through a web interface you create your account and use the platform to manage and sign all your documentation.

Enter the link and enter your full name and email.



Where are the legal servers?


All documents must be in PDF format.

Legale is affordable from mobile devices (cell phone, ipad, laptop) and fixed (stationary computer). To access Legale you must connect your computer to an internet network either by cable or Wi-Fi.

Yes, Legale operates from a web platform, on any operating system.

Legale is compatible with all browsers.

You can make paper copies, but you must be clear that the original document that is accredited with an electronic signature is the digital document. This document is the one that must be safeguarded and considered as a document with legal validity.

You can check the status of your documentation, all the actions and users that participated are registered; who signed it, what time did it do it, who rejected it, what day did it do it, etc.

Any more doubts?

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