General Terms and Conditions of the site and platform Legale

These terms and conditions of Legale’s services govern access to and use of Legale’s websites and services by site visitors and persons or entities purchasing services or creating an account and their authorized users. By using the site or any Legale service, you, as a site visitor or Customer, agree to these terms. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using this website and platform. If you do not agree with any of the following terms or conditions, please leave the site. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions, notwithstanding that we will inform of any changes in our technology platform and/or terms and conditions of use, we recommend periodically reviewing these terms and conditions.


You agree to receive all communications and notices that Legale will provide in connection with any service, purchase or subscription of services, through electronic means, such as email, text message, platform notifications or through any Legale service. You agree that all communications we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement for written communications.

Usage and Access Rights

You declare and guarantee that you are of legal age (18 years of age or older or of legal age in your jurisdiction of residence) and competent to agree to these terms. You acknowledge that you are not permitted to use the Legale Site and Legale Platform if you are unable to make this representation. You shall not use or permit the use of the Legale Site and Legale Platform for any purpose that is unlawful or otherwise inconsistent with the provisions of these Terms. You, as the account holder, agree to notify Legale immediately of any suspected unauthorized use of your account and/or password, as well as login by unauthorized third parties. The account holder will be responsible for all operations carried out in and from their account.


Intellectual Property: The Legale Site and Legale Platform contain materials that are the property of Legale and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. You acknowledge that the Legale Site and Legale Platform contain original and proprietary materials developed and applied through the expenditure of time, effort and money and constitute valuable intellectual property of Legale. The trademark, service mark, logos and slogans displayed on the Legale site are registered and unregistered trademarks of Legale. The Legale trademark may not be used in any advertising or to indicate Legale’s sponsorship or commercial alliance with any product or service without the express prior written permission of Legale. Use of the platform by the user does not imply the assignment or grant of any right or license to such intellectual property rights. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of material developed by Legale is expressly prohibited by law and may result in civil and criminal penalties.

Legale Use Restrictions

By using the Legale site and Legale platform, you agree not to engage in any activity or submit any information that:

Privacy Policy

At Legale, privacy is a priority. You acknowledge that the information you provide to us or that we collect will be used and protected in a secure manner. In addition, you are responsible for your use of the Legale platform and for taking protective and security measures to maintain its security and secrecy from unauthorized third parties.We may access, preserve or share your information when we believe in good faith that such sharing is reasonably necessary to investigate, prevent or take action regarding possible illegal activities. Also, to comply with legal process and in situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of terms and conditions or to respond to claims of violation of the rights of third parties and/or to protect the rights, property and safety of Legale, our employees users or the public. This may involve sharing your information with law enforcement, courts and others. If Legale is required by law to disclose confidential information, Legale will promptly notify the Customer in writing before making the disclosure, unless prohibited by a legal or administrative process. Legale acknowledges that all confidential information received by Customer, in any medium, is the exclusive property of Customer. Nothing in these Terms grants Legale any right, title or interest in Customer’s Confidential Information. Legale’s incorporation of the information, in any of its own materials, shall not render the Confidential Information non-confidential. It is the sole responsibility of the User and the Customer that the information provided to the Legale site and the Legale platform is correct and accurate. Legale shall not be obliged to verify the veracity of the information provided by the user or Customer.

Legale Platform Account

User accounts are personal and non-transferable. Legale grants each Customer a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable right and license for the duration of the term, for internal business purposes only, to access and use the documentation and to allow its authorized users to access and use the Legale services up to the applicable limits. Customer’s authorized users must be identified by a unique email address and username and two or more natural persons may not use Legale’s services under the same authorized user. The account holder agrees to notify Legale immediately of any suspected unauthorized use of their account and/or password, as well as any unauthorized third party access to the account. The account holder will be responsible for all operations carried out in and from their account. In other words, Legale shall not be responsible for the information provided by the users, and for the improper use of the platform by the latter. You further acknowledge and agree that Legale reserves the right (but does not assume the obligation), in its sole discretion, to reject, move, edit or remove any User Content that is contributed to the Legale site or Legale platform. Also, Legale shall have the right to remove any User Content that violates these Terms. You acknowledge and agree that you must evaluate and bear all risks associated with your use of User Content or your reliance on the integrity or usefulness of User Content. Legale shall not be liable for any damages of any kind caused to users by the use, continuity or availability of the platform nor shall Legale be liable for any loss of data or for interruption and delays in its transmission. Any computer viruses or errors associated with the Legale platform, which may cause any kind of damage, shall not be the responsibility of Legale, even if it has been warned of their possible existence.

Terms of Payment

Subscription plan: Legale has an annual subscription plan. When you purchase a subscription plan, you must provide accurate and complete information for a valid payment method that you are authorized to use. You will be billed for your subscription plan through the payment method you provide, such as a credit card, debit card, PayPal, digital wallet, among others. Legale acknowledges that credit and debit card account numbers or related data processed are, as applicable, the sole property of Customer, credit card issuers, relevant payment networks and entities authorized to process credit and debit card transactions on Customer’s behalf. The Customer must promptly notify Legale of any change to their personal information or change related to their payment method. In addition, Customer confirms that Legale may rely on the name and address set forth in its registration for a subscription plan as the place of supply for tax purposes. By completing registration for a subscription plan, Customer authorizes Legale to charge its payment method on a recurring basis for applicable subscription plan charges, any applicable taxes, any other charges incurred in connection with Customer’s use of Legale’s services. Authorization continues for the annual subscription term and any renewal term, until Customer cancels the service. Legale reserves the right to change prices or alter the features and options of a subscription plan without notice. Legale will provide billing and usage information in a format of our choosing, which may vary from time to time. Legale reserves the right to correct any errors it identifies, even if we have already issued an invoice or received payment. Charges for subscription plans and per-use purchases will be billed to the Customer in advance. Customer agrees to notify us of any billing issues or discrepancies within thirty (30) days of making payment for subscription plan or other services within the Legale platform. If Customer fails to inform us of such discrepancies within thirty (30) days, Customer agrees to waive its right to dispute such problems or discrepancies. Customer shall be responsible for and bear any taxes associated with the purchase, payment, access or use of Legale’s services. Legale has a 7-day free trial period. Legale reserves the right to limit the term of the trial period or terminate it entirely without notice. The value of the invoices issued by the Legale system contains the taxes applicable to Miami, Florida.

Term and Termination

The term or valid term with respect to the Legale services begins on the date the Customer accepts these terms and continues until the Customer’s subscription plan expires or the Customer’s use of the Legale services ceases. We reserve the right to modify, terminate or amend the fees and features associated with your subscription plan. Before we change the current fees and charges, or add new fees and charges, we will give you at least thirty (30) days’ notice. The Legale subscription plan expires after 12 months from the time you start your account on the Legale platform. After 12 months, Legale will generate an account expiration notice, which will not delete the Customer’s existing documents but will limit access to the Legale Store. Legale may suspend any use of the Services, remove any content, or disable or terminate any account or authorized user that Legale reasonably and in good faith believes violates the stated terms. Legale will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide notice prior to such suspension or disabling, unless Legale reasonably believes that it is prohibited from doing so under applicable law or pursuant to legal process or it is necessary to delay notice to avoid imminent harm to Legale’s services to a third party. You may cancel your account at any time upon ten (10) days written notice to Legale, specifically, to our Support team at If a Customer wishes to cancel their annual subscription plan within the first 30 days of the start of the plan, they must submit a written request for a refund of the subscription to our Administration team at The refund will be generated by our Administration team within 15 to 30 business days. Legale is not obligated to consider refund requests related to the termination of a subscription plan if the termination occurs after 30 days of the initial subscription term, if there is any violation of the stated terms, or if records indicate excessive or substantial use of Legale products during that period. A Customer’s account will be terminated if the Customer breaches the stated terms or violates any published policy applicable to Legale’s services. Also, if it creates a legal risk to Legale or presents a threat to the security of Legale’s services or Customers. If a Customer is in breach, we may, without notice, suspend your account and use of Legale’s services or terminate your account.

Benefits and Business Partnerships

Legale assumes no responsibility for any products or services offered by a third party through the site. Legale will not be responsible for monitoring any transactions between you and third party providers of products or services. The Legale trademark may not be used in any advertising or to indicate Legale’s sponsorship of, or association with any product or service without the express prior written permission of Legale. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of material developed by Legale is expressly prohibited by law and may result in civil and criminal penalties. There are benefits, discounts or promotions generated through Legale’s business arrangement with another entity. Each such benefit is provided solely as a result of the applicable terms and conditions and such benefits may be modified or terminated without notice. Legale is not responsible for Internet content or web pages that are located outside of the Legale site. You agree that we are not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the presence of such information or links to third party websites or resources on the Legale site. Discount codes can only be used during your first subscription period. If you purchased your subscription plan with a promotional code, each time your subscription plan renews, you will be charged the full annual billing amount. If your subscription plan is ever cancelled, for any reason, and you purchase another subscription plan, you will not be able to use a discount code.

Legale Technology Development

Legale is an electronic signature solution in the cloud on servers in the USA in a SAAS business model, Legale has the first electronic signature store, the platform is able to manage, sign and organize documents and contracts from any device through a web interface. With Legale you can monitor the traceability of all your processes at all times. You can easily manage documents, signatures and counterparties in a friendly and secure nvironment. Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions will entitle Legale to delete the account on the Legale platform and restrict the user’s access to the Legale website. You and Legale agree to make all reasonable efforts to resolve any dispute, claim, question or disagreement directly through consultation with Legale. Legale may provide translations of these terms and conditions or other policies. Translations are provided for informational purposes and if there is an inconsistency or conflict between a translation and the English version, the English version shall prevail. If you have any questions about the Legale site, Legale platform, terms and conditions or Legale services, please contact Legale’s support team at
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